Tuesday, January 30, 2018


February 1, my new contemporary romance releases from Desert Breeze Publishing:


A rising star, Kyle's fame went to his head. Raine beat the odds to sell a TV script in high school. His immaturity ruined her moment of triumph, and when he couldn't make things right, he gave up too soon.
His career fading, Kyle gladly left Hollywood behind. Years later, common interests brought them together again. Using his own name, rather than his stage name, and wearing a beard, Kyle convinced Raine he wasn't the jerk who made her cry on her sixteenth birthday. He would have to confess if they would ever have more than friendship.
Then fandom pressured the network to revive the futuristic TV show where they met -- requiring a reunion of Raine and Kyle, as well as the characters they once played. The last thing he wanted was to return to the insanity of Hollywood, but Kyle saw a chance to make restitution, especially when Raine desperately needed the writing credits to save her floundering career and the money to save her family's wildlife rescue clinic.
Finally confessing, Kyle began the long journey to convince Raine to see him, not the hero he played, and not the jerk he had once been. The threats from fandom wackos just made the job a little harder.
Inside information: This story is based heavily on fandom experiences and time spent in theater and film school.

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