Saturday, August 26, 2017

TURNABOUT: Phoenix Fan Fiction

Bennu looked up at the cloudy sky, shivering in anticipation of the cold downpour due any minute. Just ahead was a payphone, luckily. The booth would serve two purposes now. He trotted the last few feet and stepped inside it, closing the door against the chill wind.

For the last week, thoughts of Joanna Wolf had been haunting him. He knew, on instinct and experience, she was deeply in trouble. It had something to do with her fall, the concussion, and her new telekinetic powers. Knowing what would be done to him if he allowed himself to be caught, Bennu had a good idea of Joanna's probable dilemma.

He picked up the phone, put money in the slot, and dialed. Bennu would do now what he thought he would never do. When the call was taken by an answering service, he asked for Preminger. A long wait, then a new number was given to him -- Carridan hospital. He called, asked for Preminger, and was put on hold.

"Yes?" Preminger asked after a long while. Even on the phone, Bennu could feel how tired and tense the agent was.

"How is Joanna after her fall?" he asked quietly, not daring to say his name in case the phone was bugged. He hoped Preminger would know who he was without saying.

"Uh, fine, fine. I should be able to get back to work in three or four days." Preminger knew. "Come see her. She'd love to see you. I'll meet you out front tomorrow about ten or so. How's that?"

"Fine. Tomorrow then." Bennu hung up slowly, his mind racing over the problem. Preminger wanted him to come and still needed his help, that was clear. Things were not fine with Joanna. He could guess easily that the growing pressure on her brain had not been relieved yet. And when Preminger said ten, he didn't mean during the day.

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