Wednesday, July 5, 2017

The War Room

July already?

Where did June go, and how did it go by so quickly?

Part of the answer, I know -- I was busy writing and revising and polishing!

I completed the 1st draft of the 1st book in a new humorous fantasy trilogy I call Magic to Spare. "Magic and Thorns" is the working title for the first book -- basically how a princess with a lot of potential is turned into a spoiled brat, blunting her magical potential, so that it takes all of the 2nd book, "The Kindness Curse," to reform her.

I revised and polished and turned in a new contemporary romance for Desert Breeze Publishing, due out in February 2018. "Killing His Alter-Ego" deals with Kyle and Raine, who met while filming a TV series. His instant stardom went to his head, and she was a hyper-sensitive 16-year-old with an inferiority complex. After hurting her feelings and messing up each time he tried to make things right, they went their separate ways, until the power of fandom revived the show and brought them back together. Could he finally become the hero for her that he had always wanted to be? That might be hard with all of fandom watching them, confusing them for the characters they had played years ago. And even harder when certain rabid elements in fandom were determined that they, and their characters, would never be reunited.

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