Monday, June 26, 2017

Off the Bookshelf: SOMETHING BORROWED, Jim Butcher

I needed a Harry Dresden fix.

I read the first Dresden Files book a while ago, STORM FRONT, by Jim Butcher, and I've been trying to find the next book, FOOL MOON. (without paying full price -- I want to get it used, because that's the only way I can justify buying a book when I have about 90-some sitting in my to-be-read bookrack) I have 2 Dresden books that I found in hardback for the unbelievable price of $2 each (see my previous parenthetical), but doggone it, they're both about 10 books further along in the series. I like to read books in the order they're written, so I can follow the character development.

So ... I cheated a little. SOMETHING BORROWED is actually a short story, in an anthology called MY BIG FAT SUPERNATURAL WEDDING. If it sounds like a movie by a similar title, you're right. Can you guess the themes tying all the stories together? I thought you could!

I'm learning the joys of borrowing books from the library in e-book version. Especially when I can download an anthology, read just the story I want to read -- although I must go back someday and read the stories by other favorite authors -- and then "return" the book within half an hour.

Fun stuff. Harry Dresden standard fare, dealing with the unfriendly supernatural with some uncomfortable, slightly messy/disgusting, "I can't believe this stuff always happens to me" tone of narrative voice that I came to love in the first book. Harry has to pinch hit as best man at the wedding of two werewolf friends. The stepmother of the bride has a bridezilla attitude -- and the bride is missing. Seems there's this really nasty faerie with a grudge against the werewolves, and a wedding is the perfect time to get some revenge. Enter: one wizard, aided by a tough lady cop, and the chorus of "Get me to the church on time" silently playing at the back of his mind.

Fun. Of course.

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