Wednesday, May 3, 2017

The War Room

Ever been on Wattpad?

I have an account there, actually.

For a while, I was doing a work-in-progress and inviting people to read the rough drafts every time I uploaded a thousand words or so.

Then I started scanning in my fan fiction and uploading stories. Right now I have a Star Trek fan fiction and a Matrix/Men in Black crossover story and a Beauty and the Beast TV script.

Go on over and read. You might like it. Here's the link where you can find those stories:

Here's the thing:
It's been more than a year since I posted anything, and I hope to start posting fan fiction soon. LOTS of fan fiction. That's how I got started writing. Star Trek, Stingray, Beauty and the Beast, Matrix, Stargate, Highlander, the Phoenix.

Some of it is silly. Some of it is dumb. Some of it is kind of wretched. Not going to edit unless it's really glaring, stupid mistakes like spelling and grammar. Just have some mercy, because some of this stuff is 30 years old. Yeah, that long ago!

But maybe you can take some encouragement from reading and seeing where I got my start. If I can rise up above the totally wretched drek and melodramatic junk and the Mary Sue stories ... anyone can!

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