Thursday, November 17, 2016

The War Room

Crazy busy!
Which is good. Most of the time.

I crossed the 50K words mark in "Growing Up Neighborlee" book 2, working title "Dorm Rats," which is my National Novel Writing Month project. In fact, I crossed it on Monday, which means if I keep up the pace I'm at, I'll have over 100K words by the end of the month.

Hmm, maybe not. But close!

The title refers to the main character, Lanie Zephyr's, adventures in college. Specifically, with the psychology and sociology professors are given -- or, as the case may be, they finagle and even steal -- permission to run an experiment on all the incoming freshmen. Specifically, playing with their dormitory assignments. What happens when all the geeks and freaks and creative types end up on one floor, and then a magical object that taps into their power of belief is inserted into the mix?

Well, I'm still finding out. Yesterday's writing had a Robbie the Robot toy come to life. Who knows what might happen in today's 3 or 4K words?

What else is happening?

Well.... I just finished the 2nd draft of "Jennifer," the 11th Quarry Hall book. It's due January 1, and I'm really hoping to get it done and sent to my publisher, Desert Breeze Publishing, before December 1. So I can get started on some new projects. I'm working on a big, sprawling series of fantasy books set in an ancient land, a combination of Babylon and Ancient Egypt and Ancient Greece, those sort of cultures. It's going to be huge, and I need to do a lot more research and planning, creating maps, deciding on different mythology, different political structures, social customs, how long the days are, how long the months are, etc. It's kind of fun, but it's a lot of work! Which can be fun -- and a good excuse for reading other people's books and buying books and playing with map software. Just to look ahead, the working title for the entire series is TAPESTRY: Servants of the Unseen. A cast of thousands, and across several continents and multiple generations.

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