Monday, August 1, 2016

Off the Bookshelf: WRITE YOUR NOVEL FROM THE MIDDLE, by James Scott Bell

Haven't read many books lately on writing. This has been my "book to read while waiting" book on my Kindle.

James Scott Bell bids fair to be the writing guru of this generation, with all his books on so many aspects of writing.

This short and sweet little book is quick and to the point, with a surprising number of examples to illustrate and prove the point he's making.

Writing from the middle involves answering some specific questions about the main character, the goals and problems and background and reactions. When those questions are answered, you know how your character will react to whatever situation -- good or bad -- you throw at him or her. In a sense, the story writes itself. At least, it will if your character stays true to himself.

Honestly, this is such common sense, and it's useful for the plotters as well as the pantsers. If you know your character, how he thinks, how she feels, her hopes and dreams, his secret fears, then figuring out all the other questions about the plot, the "dark moment," the resolution, the climbing action, and all the other pieces-parts of the writing craft become just that much easier.

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