Monday, August 3, 2015

Off the Bookshelf: OBSESSION IN DEATH by JD Robb

Can you tell I like this series a whole lot? The In Death series returns with the latest paperback (all right, I cheated and read the Kindle version from the library before the paperback edition actually came out ...) OBSESSION IN DEATH.

Homicide Lt. Eve Dallas has a fan -- from the title, an obsessed fan. Someone who thinks she/he and Eve have a lot in common. So much, that he/she is going around systematically eliminating anyone who was disrespectful to Eve, who got in the way of her doing her job, of bringing true justice to futuristic New York.

The problem, as insightful Dr. Mira points out (I wish I had a Dr. Mira in my life, y'know?), is that eventually Eve's "true and loyal friend" is going to be disappointed in her. Eventually, in the course of doing her job, Eve will disillusion her obsessed fan, and he/she will decide to punish Eve. And what happens if this fan decides that Eve is being held back by the people in her life, and it's time to eliminate them? After all, Eve doesn't need anyone else, just this true and loyal friend ....

Shades of Stephen King's "Misery," with an obsessed fan who wants things all her way ...

Get ready for another visit to futuristic New York and characters we've come to know and love, as they race against time and an unhealthy dollop of insanity. Read it in whatever version you can get your hands on.

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