Monday, November 24, 2014

Off the Bookshelf: LIFTER by Crawford Killian

Ever have a book you really enjoyed a long time ago, enough that you remember the title and the author, but you can't find it now?

That was the situation with LIFTER, by Crawford Killian. An Ace book from the "classic" period when so many good, smaller books just came out constantly.

Problem: Alibris and other online used bookstores are DEADLY. I'm talking dangerous. I'm talking almost any book you're looking for, at any price. If you're willing to pay it. I bought two old books I've been wanting to re-read for years, for 99 cents each ... but the postage and handling was ... well, not a problem, per se, but I really hesitated to pay more for postage than I paid for the books. Worth it, though!

What's LIFTER about? A boy dreams of flying ... and when he wakes up, he's floating 2 feet above his bed. He learns how to turn on the Lift Effect and then how to teach his girlfriend how to do it, and then his ability starts changing his life. He goes through lots of questions and concerns, such as whether it's dangerous to teach the rest of the world his new ability, whether he should keep it quiet, and whether the rest of the world will let him keep it quiet.

Fun book. Read it if you can find it!

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