Monday, August 4, 2014

Off the Bookshelf: MAGNIFICENT DEVICES by Shelley Adina

Today we're exploring the 3rd book in Shelley Adina's Magnificent Devices series .... appropriately titled MAGNIFICENT DEVICES.

Lady Claire and her ragamuffin charges have fled to America with friends to escape quite a few debacles that ended book two -- starting with breaking her engagement to Lord James. Claire has to get out of there, to escape a man who is a misogynist, thief, liar, cheat, and all around egotistical, self-righteous bully.

Escaping to the wild west of America isn't exactly the escape she wants. The adventurers in their magnificent airship run into pirates -- also in an airship. Claire escapes death, and is presumed dead more than once. Just when she's escaped the frying pan of enemies and thieves and desperados who will stop at nothing for their own profit, she finds she's landed in the fire -- and clutches -- of some old enemies.

Non-stop action, Claire's common sense approach to solving problems, and sometimes being a little too noble for her own good ... major fun. I wish I didn't have books on deadlines and a day job. Otherwise I'd just sit and read until I've devoured the whole series!

Do start at the beginning. You don't want to miss a moment -- especially since the author builds on what happened in previous books to bring about the latest quandary for our intrepid heroine and her no-nonsense, unsinkable, daring companions.

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