Monday, March 3, 2014

Off the Bookshelf: HOW I ARE BECOMED A VERY MUCH GOODER AUTHOR, by Sevastian Winters

Uh, yeah, that IS the title of the book.
And yeah, this IS a book about becoming a better -- gooder -- writer.

It catches your attention, doesn't it?
That's the point -- and one of the many lessons, sometimes harsh, but very necessary, that Winters conveys in this book.

The subtitle says it all: On the BUSINESS of Writing, Editing, Publishing and Promoting.

If you want to "make it" as an author, that means getting people to read your books. It means writing books people want to read. It means making sure people know your name and are interested enough to give you a chance -- and then making sure that they can't put down the book once they start reading.

Warning: You'll wince in places at his language, his assessment of the true talent of popular authors, and the attitudes some people have toward other genres and approaches to writing. That's okay -- he's conveying what works for him, what he has learned in his years of experience and struggling. Like I tell people regarding other writing books: Take what works for you, don't let anyone pressure you into doing things their way, and throw out what doesn't apply to you.

But read this book. You might find that "ah ha!" moment you've been hunting for.

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