Monday, June 29, 2020

New Release Sample: FRIENDLY FIRE

Published by Ye Olde Dragon Books
Available now in print and Kindle/Kindle Unlimited

"Is that what's …" M'kar nodded at the box clutched in the crook of her arm.


"An egg. A dragon egg."

"Dracs. Figured, we discovered them, discovered their world. We get to name them."


"They're intelligent. They teleport. Thyal needs one."

If I use my invalid status as an excuse to be greedy and tell you to hurry, Thyal began.

Shut up. I'm thinking.

Laughter tickled through their link.

Raised voices rang off the walls of the docking arm. Dulit looked past her and he groaned.

"You need to get out now." Poki, go home.

The little drac vanished with a sub-audible pop.

"You owe me." So help me, I want one, too.

He did say he had a ship full of babies, so maybe a ship full of eggs?

"Add it to my tab." Dulit held out his hand, palm up. "Be safe, hearth-sister. Give my best to Thyal."

"Be safe yourself. Tell your captain to hurry. I'll wait for you on Le'anka." She grasped his wrist as his fingers grasped hers and they shook twice before releasing.

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