Wednesday, March 25, 2020


May 1, the Neighborlee, Ohio fantasy series re-launches.

You may have read the books when they originally were released by Uncial Press.

I'm going back through, fixing little holes in the storyline, adding some new sub-plots and details, and the stories are now being released in chronological order of events.

There were originally 8 books -- when the series is finished, there will be 13.
New titles.
New cover art.
A lot more intense.

So you may have read some of the Neighborlee, Ohio books before, but I can guarantee there's something new to discover and some changes even in books you've read before.

The schedule is a new PRINT book coming out every other month, starting in May.

The ebook version will be released through Kindle/Amazon and Kindle Unlimited (as soon as I figure out HOW) for the first 3 months, then we'll go wide, if you prefer other reading formats. Ebooks will be released before the print versions.

Audiobooks are far on the horizon, so if you prefer to listen to stories instead of reading them, STAY TUNED!!

And check in with Ye Olde Dragon Books as we build the website and release information. You'll be able to buy print copies directly through us, as well as ebooks when we go into wide distribution, and hopefully audiobooks as well!

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