Sunday, February 9, 2020

Off the Bookshelf: SKYWARD, by Brandon Sanderson

From Audible
Narrated by Suzy Jackson

I'm learning why some of my writing friends are so enthusiastic about Brandon Sanderon's books. The only ones I've "read" so far are the audio versions, but I have to admit sometimes I search for excuses to get in the car and run errands, so I can hear more! Yeah, I should be walking more, but it's winter, y'know?

SKYWARD is the story of Spensa, call-sign Spin, who lives to fly. But she can't because of the aliens determined to keep Humans bound to their planet, Detritus. And the debris shield surrounding their planet. And the fact Humans are forced to live underground to shield from alien attack. And, oh yeah, because her father's act of cowardice during a decisive battle years ago has everyone convinced Spin will be a coward someday too, so why take the risk of letting her get in a ship and cause even more trouble?

Spin fights with herself, her own doubts and fears, just as fiercely as she fights the unjust prejudice against her, the obstacles thrown at her at every turn, and finally against an AI with a programmed superiority complex. She's positive that her father was not a coward, that the military is lying, that if she could just find out the truth she can fix everything.

But learning the truth is even more devastating than she ever could have imagined. Yet it leads to a breakthrough that might just save the Human race on Detritus. If she can just survive long enough to get someone to listen to her.

Kudos to the narrator, who brings the characters to life with subtle change in her voice. Thoroughly enjoyable listen. Can't wait for more.

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