Sunday, January 27, 2019

AVENGER: Star Trek Fan Fiction, Chapter 13

For your reading pleasure.

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Sunday, January 20, 2019

Off the Bookshelf: ENCHANTED, by Demelza Carlton

Beauty and the Beast Retold: And it's kind of Beauty's fault ....

This Beauty had me hooked from the moment I met her. Smart, tough, aching for adventure, full of common sense -- and humble enough to admit when she messes up big-time. She's gonna fix the mess she made, even if it kills her...

The king sends for Beauty's mother, to make a curse for an enemy. Problem: Mama is dead, and the king is the kind of guy who won't let that be an acceptable excuse. So our heroine goes to the palace in her mother's place. She creates a curse for an enemy of the king ... but doesn't know who exactly she is cursing. When she meets up with the cursed hero years later, the story is enchanting and engrossing and picks up all the plot points of the traditional story, but in new and clever ways.

Loved it. Looking forward to reading more in this series of faerie tales retold.

Sunday, January 6, 2019

Off the Bookshelf: LOOK ALIVE TWENTY-FIVE, by Janet Evanovich

Guilty pleasure time!

And let me once again extol the joys of having online access to the library. I was able to place an order to reserve this newest Stephanie Plum adventure (mis-adventure, romp) months (and months and months) in advance, and then I got a notification on release day to come get it.

Things seem to be getting a little more serious for Stephanie, with people vanishing, presumed either dead or snatched by aliens. At least, that's Lula's theory. Stephanie and Lula end up managing an odd little deli in a bad part of town. A bail bonds customer skips town and the deli becomes the property of her cousin Vinnie's bail bonds business.

Rumors abound and the hot sauce and other condiments fly when Lula gets into the sandwich-making groove. She refuses to give customers what they order, insisting they'll like her version better. Ahhh .... NO. As usual, the situation progresses from strange to bizarre, and Stephanie gets in messy trouble. She ends up with 24-hour Rangeman surveillance until the disappearances of the managers at the deli are solved. Because Stephanie is the new manager. Just how does a grunge rock star and a proposal for a cannibal deli TV show tie into all this weirdness? Read it and find out.

Oh, and a milk-snorting-out-your-nose warning: Don't eat and drink while reading. Your sinuses will thank you.