Friday, November 23, 2018

Feature: SUMMER SONG, in the Tabor Heights short story anthology

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The 4th story in the anthology is SUMMER SONG.
It appears in the From the Lake to the River anthology, the launch publication of Mt. Zion Ridge Press. This story is a follow-up to the Tabor Heights novel, FIRESONG, about a Christian band on the verge of their career taking off -- but maybe at the expense of ministry.

In SUMMER SONG, Dani and Kurt's romance is having some trouble. Their involvement in ministry keeps them both on the road -- and separated. They jump at a chance to work at a boot camp for summer music ministry. But problems seem to follow them...


A quick glance around showed her co-leader, Shelby, had arrived and settled in. Her sleeping bag was spread out on the bunk on the other side of the door from Dani's. Suitcase and duffel bag neatly stowed underneath. A string of butterfly patio lights hung from the frame. Dani liked that whimsical touch.

An answering machine picked up on the other end of the line. Shelby came through the door right then, with a neon pink plastic basket of toiletries in one hand, clothes hung over her arm, and a towel around her neck. A good guess was that she had been to the bathhouse. She wore gray shorts and t-shirt, with the stylized Ohio State O, and a buckeye. She stowed her basket and hung up the towel on the end of the bunk, as Dani left a message why she was calling.

"Not good," Shelby said, after Dani hung up. "Dani, right?"

"If you're Shelby." She settled down on her bunk. Cabin co-leaders had been asked to take bunks next to the door. Drew joked that they were stationed there to prevent campers fleeing for their lives after they realized what they had gotten into.

"Did you hear the news at dinner? Firesong is spending boot camp with us, and they're looking to add to the band. You know, kind of like Broadway shows on the road, different teams. I mean, what are the chances of actually traveling with Firesong? But just knowing you kind of have their name, singing their songs, that'd be so cool."

She paused for breath, while Dani scrambled to think of something to say to shut down the torrent of words before it got awkward. 

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