Friday, November 16, 2018

Feature: SILVER HEARTS, in the Tabor Heights anthology

You KNOW you want this anthology.
Especially since it'll be FREE!

Come to the Mt. Zion Ridge Facebook party on CYBER MONDAY and find out how you can get your copy.

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The Tabor Heights books, and the companion series of stories, Quarry Hall, are currently off the market.
BUT ....
Mt. Zion Ridge Press will be re-releasing them in the very near feature. Come to the Facebook party and learn more!

The 2nd story in the anthology is SILVER HEARTS.

Rose Weinberg, a widow, comes to Tabor Heights to help her brother Joel during a family crisis. She soon becomes a vital part of the family. And when a would-be suitor from her childhood follows her to Tabor Heights, Jeremy is terrified that they'll lose their Aunt Rose.


"Rose Weinburg? Widow of Morris?"

"Speaking." She was ready to slam the phone down. If this turned out to be one of those moronic telemarketers, she might just be peeved enough to call her father and tell the nasty old man what she thought of all his legalism and my-word-is-law-you-are-only-a-woman-don't-presume-to-think. She wouldn't put it past him to tell telemarketers who called their house how to find her.

"It's Mischa. How are you, darling?"

"Mischa?" She choked. "Mischa... Wyse?" Clutching the counter, she closed her eyes and said a prayer that she was mistaken. Then again, how many Mischas had she known in her entire life?

It was on the top of her tongue to blurt, 'Speak of the devil!' Only a few days ago, for the first time in more than forty years, she had thought of the fat, silly, somewhat pompous boy from her high school days.

"That's right!" Mischa crowed. "My dear girl, I just heard the horrid news. And I must tell you, I am hurt -- but not half as much as horrified on your behalf," he hurried on.

"On my behalf?" Rose looked for the nearest chair, to sit down. Then she silently scolded herself for being so dramatic. What had Mischa Wyse ever been to her, that she would be affected by a phone call from him? "Wait a minute, how did you find me?"

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