Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Feature: SILVER AZULI, Chorillan Cycle, Commonwealth Universe

SF from Writers Exchange:

Vidan was again reaching out to the stars: sadder and wiser... and cautious, unwilling to repeat the mistakes of the ancestors. The Commonwealth was born, reaching out to lost colonies and establishing new ones, rediscovering lost technology and how to navigate the star-ways. Many of the lost colonies not only survived but thrived--and they remembered their abandonment and the harsh centuries of the Downfall...

Lucas and Kay'li marry and anticipate a peaceful domestic life, when his duties as lieutenant governor and her duties as Scout recruiter and trainer allow. However, not all their enemies were caught during the revolution and they are still out in the wilderness of Chorillan, waiting for the perfect opportunity to take revenge.

Then a family vacation of exploration and camping, to hide Kay'li's pregnancy from friends and foes, goes suspiciously, horribly wrong. They find sanctuary on the edge of the secret Azuli canyon, and intend to stay there until Kay'li gives birth... if their enemies don't find them first.

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