Tuesday, October 30, 2018


Fantasy from Mundania Press:

A freak storm dumped two battered children into a river in the Cleveland Metroparks. No clue to their identity or why anyone tried to kill them. Yet that mystery was nothing compared to the secrets the girls protected.

Lara could work minor magic, though she didn't know how she did it. Aggie could turn into a wolf. They knew they came from another world, but didn't know how or why, where that world was, or how to get home.

Their only chance to find answers was to stay together, follow the stray bits of magic that they sensed around them, and find Aggie's twin brother.

But first, they had to survive high school.

Sunday, October 28, 2018

Off the Bookshelf: DRAGONS AT CRUMBLING CASTLE, by Terry Pratchett

This is another collection of the late Sir Terry Pratchett's early writings.

What's really fun is seeing all the drawings that he seems to have done to illustrate his stories. These are little more than scribbles, pen or pencil scratchings, not great artwork by any means, but quite enjoyable, giving some added depth to the characters and setting, a clue to his feelings about the fantastical worlds he created when he was just starting out, and another side to the author's personality and talents.

Lots of fun, reading the sly digs at local customs and rivalries and just inspired silliness. I especially enjoyed reading the stories about the Carpet People -- which I discovered at the end of the book were the launching point for an entire book. One of these days, when I get my reading list down a few more feet, I intend to buy the Carpet People book, which launched Pratchett's writing career, complete with his original illustrations.

For writers in general, and for fantasy and humor writers in particular -- especially those who adore Discworld and mourn the loss of the creator -- this is sure to be a fascinating look back at the beginning of things. And encouragement for those of us who are still waiting for that big break to launch us high enough to be discovered.

Tuesday, October 23, 2018


Fantasy from Mundania Press:


Tirian grew up knowing she would inherit her mother's duties as village wise woman, but without inheriting her mother's magical gifts. It didn't help that her mother insisted Tirian herself was magic. When an enemy wizard killed her mother, she despaired of ever finding an answer to that puzzle.

Then she met Bran, a man cursed by that same wizard: a wolf by day and a man only by light of the waning moon. Forced to choose between her new friend and the villagers who would never truly love her, Tirian decided it was time to seek answers for them both. Their journey took them to Stonemount, where King Fallon feared his new queen conspired to steal his throne, and a lonely child waited to grow into the most powerful enchanter in the world.

Their search united them, but their answers could tear them apart forever. Could a wolf that was a man at heart, and the maiden with a wolf in her soul ever find a world that would let them simply be, much less be together?

Friday, October 19, 2018


You have less than a month to fills those shoeboxes and get them to your local collection center.

Are you excited?
I am.
I LOVE doing Operation Christmas Child, shopping for hygiene and school supplies and special treats for children in other countries, and imagining their fun and excitement as they explore all the surprises.

This year, I'm even more excited, because Mt. Zion Ridge Press plans to get involved by rewarding YOU for being involved.

Here's the plan:
1) Fill your shoeboxes. Need tips or just plain instructions? Go to the Christmas Child page at Samaritan's Purse. (Link provided)
2) Pay electronically for the shipping/processing costs for your box
3) Send a copy of your electronic receipt to Mt Zion Ridge Press: MtZionRidgePress@gmail.com
4) You will then have an entry in a Rafflecopter giveaway for your choice of a FREE ebook from the growing Mt. Zion Ridge Press catalog.

We're still setting things up at the site and figuring out how to process the giveaway, so please don't check the Mt. Zion Ridge Press site for those specific details just yet, okay?

However, there's nothing to stop you from visiting our site and seeing the books available, and coming up, and start shopping!

Tuesday, October 16, 2018


Fantasy from Mundania Press:

What can a princess do when Prince Charming isn't?

Vevina started out like any fairy tale princess, with a christening and a magical gift and betrothed to a handsome prince from a neighboring country. The only thing she had to worry about was the typical witch or evil enchanter appearing when she turned eighteen.

Then Fallon, her Prince Charming, revealed he was anything but charming. His plots stole nearly everything and everyone Vevina loved, and he tried to make the rest of the world think it was her fault. There was only one thing to do, and that was to beat Fallon at his own game and reveal his lies to the whole world. With the aid of a friendly spirit, Vevina disguised herself and headed into Fallon's country in search of the magical healer, Ambrose, and some justice.

But as her teacher warned her, using the enemy's tactics led to complications that even magic might not be able to cure.

Sunday, October 14, 2018

Off the Bookshelf: PHYSIK, Septimus Heap #3, by Angie Sage

You know what's funny? I have the next book in this lovely, enchanting, addictive fantasy series waiting in my bookshelf, QUESTE, and I'm already planning my next trip to the bookstore to see if there are more. I want the adventures to keep going.

In PHYSIK, our young apprentice to the Extraordinary Wizard is reminded that being the seventh son of the seventh son is a dangerous position. People keep wanting to take advantage of his inborn magical talent and potential. In this case, a nasty, self-righteous queen who wants to live forever -- even though she's a ghost -- and her more-than-slightly crazy son, an alchemist, who has been waiting for Septimus to show up for the last 500 years. He's found out that living forever ain't all it's supposed to be cracked up to be. (I know that phrase is awkward -- live with it!)

Princess Jenna, Septimus' adopted sister -- they were born on the same day -- plays a big part in the story, and she learns that family can be both wonderful and horrifying. More characters are introduced into the saga, and considering the loose threads left hanging at the end of this book, they better show up in the next one.

Lovely, fun story, in a thick book. The kind that it would be smart to set aside large chunks of time for reading, because it's utterly frustrating to have to put the book down and deal with real life. Know what I mean? Start with the first book, MAGYK. You'll be glad you did.

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Feature: SILVER AZULI, Chorillan Cycle, Commonwealth Universe

SF from Writers Exchange:

Vidan was again reaching out to the stars: sadder and wiser... and cautious, unwilling to repeat the mistakes of the ancestors. The Commonwealth was born, reaching out to lost colonies and establishing new ones, rediscovering lost technology and how to navigate the star-ways. Many of the lost colonies not only survived but thrived--and they remembered their abandonment and the harsh centuries of the Downfall...

Lucas and Kay'li marry and anticipate a peaceful domestic life, when his duties as lieutenant governor and her duties as Scout recruiter and trainer allow. However, not all their enemies were caught during the revolution and they are still out in the wilderness of Chorillan, waiting for the perfect opportunity to take revenge.

Then a family vacation of exploration and camping, to hide Kay'li's pregnancy from friends and foes, goes suspiciously, horribly wrong. They find sanctuary on the edge of the secret Azuli canyon, and intend to stay there until Kay'li gives birth... if their enemies don't find them first.

Friday, October 5, 2018

ALMOST HERE! The newest Neighborlee, Ohio novel

Yep, LIVING PROOF, the latest misadventures of Lanie Zephyr, the broken semi-pseudo-superhero,
will be released in just one more week.

Check out the Uncaged Reviews issue in the sidebar for the ad for LIVING PROOF.

You can find all my Neighborlee books -- and all my other Uncial Press titles -- at www.UncialPress.com or by searching Amazon, of course.



If you are, please make time to stop in at Around About Books, 8 W. Main Street, right off the center of town and the roundabout, from 2 until 4.

I'll be with other authors in the From the Lake to the River anthology, signing the book (new from Mt. Zion Ridge Press) and other books from the participating authors. We'd love to talk with you and tell you about the anthology -- stories set in Ohio, all written by Ohio authors!

Visit the bookstore's website: www.AroundAboutBooks.com -- or call them for information: 937-339-1707.

NEXT WEEKEND, October 13, I'll be participating at the Indie Author Showcase at the Parma-Snow branch of the Cuyahoga County Public Library. 2121 Snow Road, Parma, OH. There will be workshops for indie authors, from 10 until 12:30, and then a booksigning open to the public from 1 until 4. What a great chance to get a major jump start on your Christmas shopping!

Here's the link for information: https://attend.cuyahogalibrary.org/event/874800

Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Feature: CHORILLAN, Chorillan Cycle, Commonwealth Universe

SF from Writers Exchange:

Vidan was again reaching out to the stars: sadder and wiser... and cautious, unwilling to repeat the mistakes of the ancestors. The Commonwealth was born, reaching out to lost colonies and establishing new ones, rediscovering lost technology and how to navigate the star-ways. Many of the lost colonies not only survived but thrived--and they remembered their abandonment and the harsh centuries of the Downfall...

Kay'li Fieran returns to Chorillan, to investigate the conflicting stories about Wildlings and government activities, and learn the truth. She is reunited with Lucas and becomes a friend to the Wildling community. As a Scout captain she has the power to dissolve the colonial government and place it under military rule, if necessary.

And the things she learns, including the abuse and murder of innocents, makes her fear that will be necessary, far too soon.