Sunday, August 5, 2018

Off the Bookshelf: THE TEMPTATION, by Alisa Valdes

Subtitle: A Kindred Novel
Which leads to the natural question: What are the Kindred?
Easy answer: soul mates

Shane is a talented musician, going to an exclusive school, dating a boy from a powerful family, popular. The night of her car wreck on a desert highway, all that becomes meaningless. Travis saves her life and changes it forever.

Because Travis is dead. His arch-enemy is out to get Travis to break the rules of those who wander this world, paying for their sins, and condemn him forever. That enemy is out to get Shane now, because danger and harm to those we love is a far worse pain than anything we feel ourselves, and saving them by breaking the rules is an easy temptation to fall victim to.

Shane and Travis are soul mates, with the rules of the Afterworld standing between them, and one false step could destroy him for eternity. But in the end, Shane is the only chance Travis has to save his soul. How? I'm going to have to read the next two books to find out.

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