Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Feature: LIVING PROOF, Neighborlee, Ohio Book 8

This October!!
From Uncial Press

When we last saw Lanie Zephyr at the end of DORM RATS, she was getting used to life in a wheelchair, after having broken her back while saving the life of one of her high school students.

LIVING PROOF starts six years later, when Lanie's semi-orderly life starts falling apart in a big way.

The newspaper where she works is taken over by a conglomerate and she gets switched from the high school sports beat to the ... gag ... lovelorn column.

Her parents are out of town researching another book, and her brothers have moved in with her for the duration.

That's not so bad, but their parents have missed two check-in calls already. Then a friend from the military shows up to let Lanie and her brothers know that their parents have vanished ... near the Bermuda Triangle.

A bunch of strange incidents and close calls add up to only one conclusion: someone is out to get Lanie.

Worst of all ... it's less than two weeks until Christmas, and she hasn't even started shopping.

It's enough to make a semi-pseudo-superhero hang up her cape. If she had one, Which she doesn't!

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