Monday, June 11, 2018

Off the Bookshelf: THE RANCHER'S MISTLETOE BRIDE, by Jill Kemerer

Love Inspired Romance -- so easy to read, and as I've learned from trying, so hard to write. So I admire anyone who is able to write Category.

My chapter of ACFW was lucky enough to have Jill Kemerer speak to us a while ago about writing for LI, the requirements, the process of proposing, and all that goes into being one of their authors. Very grateful for the chance to learn about this specialized market.

And grateful for free books!

MISTLETOE is about two hurting people who come together to take care of duties and obligations and help each other, and who get a chance to heal in the process.

Lexi is a wedding planner with a successful business out of state, who comes home to take care of the family ranch after her father dies. Along with guilt for what she perceives as putting her career ahead of family, she has apparent rebellion among the ranks back at the business. She's alone, she's questioning her goals, and when a chance comes to change and fix things, she's ready to grab it. Maybe.

Clint is a foster kid who has basically been taught by everyone except a few close friends, fellow survivors of the foster system, that he's worthless, that nobody wants him, that he'll always mess up. He was cheated and robbed, and the wound is still hanging over him when he gets a chance to do what he loves -- run a ranch. Lexi's ranch. He knows better than to let anyone get close, especially a beautiful woman who is going back to her own life soon. But Lexi is irresistible.

We all know what the outcome is going to be -- it's a romance, after all -- but the JOURNEY is the fascinating part, and where Jill shines. I'm pretty sure there will be more stories set in the town of Sweet Dreams, featuring Clint's friends -- and tempted to look for them.

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