Wednesday, March 28, 2018


Book 3 of the Zygradon Chronicles

"And you must be Captain Gynefra." Nalla reached for Meghianna's hand. "This one is my charge. This one must be yours. She claims her nurse told her to go away."

"She's telling the truth. The girl is the laziest little tart I've ever had the displeasure of--well, none of that matters. She wanted to spend time chasing one of the new Valors in training, rather than her duty. Little Megassa isn't half as much trouble as her former nurse wants people to think." Her smile turned rather grim as she looked at Megassa and nodded for emphasis. Gynefra held out her hand again. "Come along and we'll find someone much nicer, shall we?"

Meghianna opened her mouth to ask why her newly discovered sister couldn't stay with her, but Nalla stopped her, tugging on her hand.

"Thank you, Captain. It's time for Meghianna to make her appearance, and I wouldn't want to ruffle anyone's feathers so early." Nalla waited only until Megassa let the soldier take her hand, then headed for the door to the enclosed, spiraling staircase that led from the royal family's private quarters, still holding Meghianna's hand.

"Considering everyone's feathers are ruffled all the time nowadays, we thank you." Gynefra chuckled and bent to scoop up Megassa, so the child straddled her hip. "Let's see what the cooks can spare us for a treat, shall we?"

Meghianna looked back just long enough to see the smile on the other girl's face, then let Nalla hurry her along. It was time to see her father--and Lord Mrillis. Even anticipation couldn't drive the questions from her thoughts.

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