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Monday, August 14

Hey, Sam --

I figured out why they wanted me to play Jess. This is a two-bit outfit. All the guys on the crew are grumbling about it. They do everything as cheap as they can, and that includes hiring kids with no acting talent or experience. One of them even told me that I was like a bazillion (his words) times better than the slinky dame (his words) who was here last week. They said she was crawling all over Kyle, on camera and off. They were laughing about how she was past fifty, makeup three inches thick, and her full-body girdle creaked every time she moved, playing this matriarchal witch who wants Bridger to donate to a big test tube baby factory. Can we say double-ick-gross-vomit?

Kind of makes me think selling my first-ever script wasn't so incredible. If that's the kind of stuff they're buying.

They were laughing about how uncomfortable Kyle was, having to be nice to the old bimbo off camera. Even though she doesn't have a lot of credits (at least, ones she'll admit to in public, according to Ricky the animal wrangler), she has powerful relatives in the business. So they didn't shoot her with a tranquilizer the first time she tried to play tonsil hockey with Kyle. Not part of the script. Maybe they bought my script because Jess most definitely does not kiss Bridger?

Anyway, we got here on Friday night, and the Internet was out at the hotel, so I had to wait to report to you like I promised until we actually got out on location this morning, with the trailers, and they got the wireless signal up. I swear, the first thing I'm going to do with my check for acting is get a portable wireless doohickey thingy. You know what I mean? I don't want to have to depend on everybody else having a signal I can link to.

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