Thursday, February 8, 2018


Published by Desert Breeze Publishing:

"You complained that Jess had all the good lines," Alyssa said with her characteristic smirk.

"That's why it was great. Less work for me." Kyle thought he could breathe again when Raine's nose crinkled up and she smiled. Relief -- she understood that he was joking.

"You have to help me convince Raine to take a screen test, see how she'd do playing Jess."

"I don't know how to act," Raine said, coloring a little more.

"Neither do I," Kyle said.

"But--" A cute little wrinkle dug in between her eyes when she frowned and her mouth opened and closed, visibly confused.

"Until I helped my cousin Jamie with his graduation project in film school -- that's him over there on the patio, the bear--" Kyle gestured. Jamie was watching, enough to raise a hand when everyone turned to look at him. "Until I did that film, I never did any acting. In the pilot, the guys on the crew were calling me Pinocchio -- to my face -- because my performance was so stiff. It got better."

"That's what you think," Alyssa muttered, and winked at Raine. She let out a squeaking snort of a giggle.

"Yeah, and I felt like an idiot, but less of one. You'll do fine."

"Listen to the man," she said. "Would Bridger lie to you?"

Raine blushed again, while Kyle muffled a groan. He hated how Alyssa kept referring to him as Bridger. Marvin said it was a trick to get actors to "be" their characters. Kyle felt like he had something many-legged crawling inside his shirt. He had seen what happened to guys in high school and college who believed their press releases about what great athletes or scholars they were. Just about the time they really thought they were "all that," they tripped over something big and ugly. Usually something they didn't want other people to know about them. Usually in a big, public way. He didn't want that to happen to him. It would, if he let people talk like he was the character he had played.

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