Tuesday, February 6, 2018


Published by Desert Breeze Publishing:

Kyle managed to sound fifty I.Q. points more intelligent as he said goodbye to Menger. The show's creator chuckled and shook his hand again, and admonished him to take good care of himself, because the first season was going to be an active one. Anyone who wasn't used to the rigorous shooting schedule of a television series could get wiped out and crash very easily.

"Yeah, well, the guy sure doesn't know you. Mountain Man Garrett," Jamie muttered, once Menger had exited into the hotel room.

Kyle knew he shouldn't stare, but something like dread held his attention on the five people seated around the poolside table, talking. Maybe the smart thing would be to go inside. The more he stared, the younger Raine looked to him. He knew exactly what he would do to a guy who stared at Katie like he was staring at Raine.

Jamie just laughed at him and leaned back, his notebook on his lap, and put his feet up on the patio table.

Disaster struck, in the form of Alyssa looking around and gesturing at him, then beckoning him to come over. Kyle knew he should have listened to his gut instinct and gone inside about five minutes ago.

Raine looked even younger when he walked over to the table and Alyssa introduced him to Raine, her mother, Dr. Rilke, and her agent, Larry Pondsby. His palms felt like waterfalls as they shook hands.

"I thought your script was great," he said, and hoped no one noticed when he wiped his hands on his backside. Raine's big gray eyes got even bigger and she blushed just enough to notice under her creamy tan. She had to be an outdoors type of girl, to have that good coloring so early in the spring. Kyle thought about asking if she liked to go canoeing or hiking. He didn't, because that sounded lame in his head.

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