Friday, February 16, 2018


Published by Desert Breeze Publishing:

Until Kyle came by and ruined it. He's got this smirk and this "I told you so" attitude. He actually said that to one of the tech guys, when I finished my shot and could finally walk off. Something like, "Told you she'd do it." Yeah, like the big jerk knows anything about me? I fell into that whole stupid trick of Alyssa's, where she keeps referring to us by our character names. A couple times I really felt like we really were Jess and Bridger, teaming up against the bozos running the colony and threatening to destroy an important valley area with this power plant. Like we could understand each other. Then Kyle does something stupid like burping and ruining the shot. Or shaking up cans of beer to make like champagne, to celebrate with the stunt guys when a scene goes right. I am definitely not going to sit around and watch the other people filming their scenes if I'm not going to be in them. Nope, gonna use homework as an excuse to hide in my trailer.

Sometimes it's really hard to pretend Kyle is Bridger when we're doing our scenes. And then there are times I turn around and catch him watching me and I just get this weird shiver all over. Not like the scum-bums in our class who think anything in skirts is fair game, and if you're not one of the popular girls then you should be grateful for attention from them. You know? Why does he watch me like that all the time?

Mom is waking up. I better get off. Another day of filming ahead of me. We're going to be in the water most of the day, either swimming up to the power plant intake, or getting pulled downstream when the dam blows up. Fun, fun, fun. Maybe I can talk Mike into changing the big heroic scene, where Jess steals Bridger's coat and makes colony security think she's him, and they shoot her, letting Bridger get away. Either talk them into killing Jess or capturing Bridger and letting the aliens-disguised-as-animals break him out. What do you think?

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