Friday, January 26, 2018

New Book Excerpt: DORM RATS, A Neighborlee, Ohio book

Emma gaped for about two seconds, while Jake tipped his head back and laughed. They both grinned at us and held out their hands and introduced themselves.

"Right, we aren't supposed to meet up with your folks for two weeks," Jake hurried to say, just as I made the connection with their names. It must have showed in my face. "Our plans got changed on us and we thought we'd pop in and say hi before we shuffle off across the channel."

"What's there?" Harry said.

"Besides France?" I said.

He scowled at me for about two seconds, then all four of us were laughing. Then our folks got close enough to see us and for Pop to recognize the Crowders. They picked up the pace to catch up with us. The handful of people from the bookstore who were hosting the luncheon welcomed the Crowders, even though it was obvious they didn't recognize their names, even after Mum gave the titles of their published investigative books. Maybe because they only had two books out, on subjects so esoteric I can't even remember years later what they were. Which is kind of sad, when I think about it, because Pete at least has a right to know what his parents did. Well, thanks to the Internet, he can look it up if he ever needs to find out.

But I'm getting ahead of myself again.

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