Monday, December 18, 2017

Whatcha Doin'? LINDA WOOD RONDEAU, Time to Talk!

Today is your chance to talk with featured author LINDA WOOD RONDEAU about her book, The Fifteenth Article, or about other books she's working on, questions her writing has brought up, related topics.

The floor is Hers, and Yours!

About the Author:

Award winning author, LINDA WOOD
RONDEAU writes to demonstrate our worst past, surrendered to God becomes our best future. A veteran social worker, Linda now resides in Hagerstown, Maryland. Readers may visit her web site at Contact the author on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google Plus and Goodreads.  

Just a recap:

The Fifteenth Article is a futuristic, political thriller set in the late 21st century. The world slumped into a second dark age due to war, famine, and disease. Eventually, people tired of warfare, put down their arms and formed a global democracy called The Accord. However, corruption soon followed, The Accord fell and was replaced by a phony democracy called The Constitutional
Government of United Earth, so named for the Fourteen Articles of Constitution. The world is divided into nineteen provinces, each province containing a primary city, the polluted areas outside the cities referred to as the outworld, inhabited by defectors, nomads, and marauders. When the book begins, Charles Devereaux, governor of Western America walks into the euthanasia chamber. His successor, Edwin Rowlands, is also slated to replace the ailing President. His climb to power will give him the votes to pass his proposed Preservation Act, or The Fifteenth Article. This legislation would make defection to the outworlds, once a right under The Accord, an act of treason, both past and present, punishable by death without trial. Outworld factions in opposition to the current world government are now threatened, including the thriving Network of Western America, a system of six communities, former states, led by Jacob Goodayle, a Christ follower, who proposes secession from the Constitutional Government. General Kinnear’s Revolutionary Army proposes a military takeover. Ahmed Fared, Jacob Goodayle’s adoptive brother and Second Governor of Western America, believes reform can be managed within the existing government that would prevent civil war and a third dark age. Who will be the voice of reason within the ensuing chaos?


  1. This book was ten years in the making after my first draft. We had a very difficult time finding a home for the book, though some Christian editors were very interested. I was told, "Christians won't buy this book because they believe Christ is coming back very soon. Seventy years in the future is too long." Eventually, the book did find a home.

  2. I received a review that criticized the book as "unbiblical." Well, it was never intended as an end of times book. Merely, one possible future should Christ tarry. Should futuristic books be all about end of times? What do you think?

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