Tuesday, November 7, 2017

New Book: JENNIFER, Quarry Hall 11


"Hey," Roger said, putting down his carton. "Sorry. But what's with him?" He pointed.

The hairs on Jennifer's neck prickled as she turned and saw her companion sitting with his head raised, ears pricked far forward, eyes wide and staring as if he could see through the closed door that led to the parking lot.

"Just a second," she said, when Elizabeth asked what was going on. She got up and walked to the hotel room door, with Puck so close against her side, he almost knocked her off her stride. She turned off the lights in the room, then making her motions as delicate as possible, for silence, she slid the security chain off and eased the door open.

A dark, hooded shape hunched down in the shadow cast by her Jeep, parked against the sidewalk in front of her room door. The shape was reaching under the running board on the driver's side. Jennifer flicked her hand down in a gesture she always equated with the starter flag in a horse race. Silent, Puck leaped. Two bounds took him across the sidewalk. His claws scraped on the cement once, and he was on the man just as the hooded figure raised his head.

Jennifer loved the shrieks that Puck could raise in the throats of crooks caught in the act. She leaped out after him, reaching for the flash of silver that flew from the man's hand. If it was a gun, she wanted it in her control, rather than risk the crook snatching it up again.

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