Friday, November 3, 2017

Book of the Week: KATHRYN, Quarry Hall #3


"Those." He pointed at the shoes the custodian had given her.
"Oh. Sorry." She went to one knee and started to untie the paint-spattered sneakers.
"No, you ought to keep them." Pastor Small bent down and caught hold of her arm, tugging her upright again. "Four years ago, our youth group put together a time capsule as a joke when they renovated their classroom. Those are my shoes. It was quite a mess, with all the painting we did. We had a great time." He winked. "Those shoes should be in a locked metal box three feet underground, sealed in plastic wrap and cement."
"You're kidding." Kathryn felt a chill race up her back, but it was a good chill.
"Plus," he continued with a lopsided smile, "we don't have a custodian right now. The deacons and trustees and the ladies mission groups and other committees take turns with the upkeep and cleaning. The place hasn't looked this good in years..." Pastor Small tried to laugh. "Whoever -- or whatever -- helped you, he wanted you to be here. Who am I to argue?"

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