Tuesday, October 10, 2017


From Desert Breeze Publishing

Theo came around the corner of an intersecting passageway a dozen paces past the doorway of the lounge. He skidded to a stop, rocking back on his heels, then his usually somber, dark face brightened and he held up a piece of paper. It was stiff and square and the dirty snow yellow of telegram sheets.

"Who?" Ess cast her weariness aside and ran down the passageway to meet him.

"Phoebe." He chuckled and pretended to flinch as he held out the paper for her to take.

She nearly flung her arms around him. Theo wouldn't be smiling now if there was bad news in the telegram. Phoebe was working with Allistair to find her sisters, as well as control the damage from whatever Originator or even Revisionist information the search might uncover.

"What is this?" Ess asked, after reading through the sparse message three times, trying to force it to tell her something. She ran her forefinger under a series of numbers. "They look like coordinates."

"They are." Theo's expression darkened again. "Mixed with code for the designation of that particular location. Basically, Phoebe is telling us that she recognized someone going into a station house that had been declared destroyed four years ago." He tapped the paper above a series of three numbers and two letters. "It doesn't actually say four years ago, but I remember when the report came in because it was so unusual. The location was supposedly surrounded by Revisionists, and declared too hot to investigate for the immediate future. Everyone assigned to that station was declared dead."

"And?" She studied the shifting of muscles in his face as he controlled his expression. Theo wasn't the most readable of people, and that was good, considering the kind of work he did for the security of the Originators. However, she thought she had learned a few things after all this time working with him.

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