Friday, September 1, 2017

Book of the Week, ISTORICA, Wildvine Book 2

Wildvine Series
Book 2

From Writers Exchange

“They’re kinda stupid, aren’t they?” Bree whispered when they reached the top of the stairs.

Twist-feather hit the door with her elongated tail so it banged shut without Khyber having to reach back and close it.

“They’re just jealous of us,” Khyber answered after a moment of thought. She shared a grin with Bree, then choked a moment later when the little girl reached up and twined her warm little fingers through hers.

There, very clear, like a zap of lightning from her toes to the ends of her hair, yet cool and refreshing -- that was the sealing of their filar bond.

Now Khyber believed.

She slid her books into the crook of her other arm and turned her hand to grip Bree’s little hand. They started down the hallway to the living room where the Council waited.

Can you hear me?

Bree’s wide-eyed delight brought a bubble of laughter into Khyber’s throat.

Filar, remember? She tipped her head back, gesturing with her chin toward the door of the living room. “We’ve got some work to do. Let’s get it done so we can get away from everybody and figure things out.”

“Like what?” Bree reached up her free hand, offering to take some of Khyber’s books.

“Well … do you like the top bunk or the bottom? You’re probably staying with us, and I have bunk beds.”

“We’re sisters now, aren’t we?”

“Better than sisters,” Khyber said, two steps away from the living room door.

They paused in the doorway and the pleased smile and nod from her grandmother and from Kirstan made her feel several feet taller.

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