Saturday, September 30, 2017

ANALOGS: Phoenix Fan Fiction

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A burst of light flashed through the trees up ahead, too low to the ground to be sunlight. A tingling of power in the air told Preminger a move had been made. He rounded the curve and found the car ahead of him stopped by a huge tree fallen across the road. A blur of movement caught his eye to the right and he saw Bennu emerge from the bushes. He could have sworn Bennu winked at him as he ran in front of his car and past the deputy up front before diving into the woods again. The officer stood and stared after Bennu for a fraction of a second.

"He's escaped!" Preminger found himself out of the car and yelling before he had a chance to think. "After him, quick!" And then he dashed into the woods, angling off from the direction Bennu was headed.

Looking back, he saw Reydell run into the woods on the other side. The other deputies saw him and gave chase. What happened next amazed Preminger and let him laugh as he had not in months.

Every few seconds, the escaped prisoner would appear on one side of the road or the other and dash back into the trees just after the officers saw him. No one but Preminger noticed that the clothes changed constantly, and he appeared on the left without crossing the road, when they had seen him on the right two minutes before. In a moment, the pursuers were off down the road, shouting, pointing in all the directions they had just seen Bennu or Reydell. The road curved away so Preminger couldn't see what was happening, but he knew the outcome. The analogs would soon have the hunters so confused they would keep running without seeing anyone. Then Bennu and Reydell would double back. It was too perfect.

When he had his chuckles under control, Preminger headed back to the cars. He took the handcuffs out of the back seat where Reydell left them, and threw them far into the bushes. That was one uncomfortable question eliminated. Something bounced off his shoulder, hitting the road with a dry "pop." He looked down -- it was an early acorn. Another hit him, and he turned to see Aria beckoning from the bushes. Without a word, he followed her. The shadowy forest swallowed them both in a moment, and he began to wonder at the back of his mind if he had been wise to come after her.

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