Saturday, September 16, 2017

ANALOGS: Phoenix Fan Fiction

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Aria's face went white and she stared at him for a long time. Once her lips moved, but she didn't speak. Lightly, she touched the burned or torn placed places on her clothes and the long slit high on her shoulder, stained with the blood of the wound Bennu had healed. Her clothes were simple, all of the same dark blue -- a loose, sleeveless tunic, falling halfway to her knees, and wide, baggy pants stuck into knee-hi leather boots. Headband, wristbands, belt and buckles of mother-of-pearl completed her most definitely un-Elrad look. Bennu wondered how he could have been mistaken -- yet she was Khahli, in size, coloring, voice and manner.

"Analogs," Aria said suddenly, relief in her tone. "That narrows the possible realms I could be in." She seemed to have forgotten about Bennu, and spoke her thoughts out loud. "By the Lion! What can I do without Reydell? And what about the doors?"

With very little questioning, they both knew for sure what had occurred. Aria and Khahli, and Bennu and Reydell, were doubles, analogs, each other's counterparts in a different plane of existence. Reydell and Aria were doormasters, guarding the entrances of other planes against mis-use and accident. The Gryf, her plane's analog of the Yago, had tried to get through to Bennu's plane. In the battle, the door had opened enough for Aria and Reydell to fall through before closing. Bennu's dream had been caused by a spontaneous link with his analog. It had been real. Dreaming he helped Khahli, he had pulled Aria to safety and separated the doormasters.     

They could only go back to their own realm working together -- and there was a limit on how long analogs could share a plane in safety.

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