Saturday, August 5, 2017

TURNABOUT: Phoenix Fan Fiction

For August, we're going waaaaay back to some really sentimental (maybe semi-mental) Phoenix fan fiction. I must have been going through a maudlin, depressed stage, because so many stories have someone dying in them .... and none of them were Preminger!

If you don't know who Preminger was, maybe you should watch the series first, then come back and read the fan fiction for the Phoenix. Honestly, some fans were really, really nasty to poor old Justin, who would have locked up Mulder as a basket case and advised Scully to get a lot more skeptical or she'd lose her badge.  Anyway ...

TURNABOUT IS NOT FAIR PLAY takes place after a number of stories were written in fan fiction where Preminger decided he was better off helping Bennu, rather than hunting him down to put him in a cage as the ultimate illegal alien.

As always, the full story will be available on Wattpad.

Preminger felt himself dozing off, his head tipping forward and the paper coffee cup slipping from his fingers, and for a moment he could do nothing about it. With a jerk, he pulled himself upright, shaking his head to get rid of the cobwebs of sleep. He looked around himself, sitting on a bench in a deserted park, late at night. Now was not the time to nod off. Time was running out. He had to --

"Waiting for someone?" a quiet, familiar voice asked out of the dark mass of trees behind him.

Pulling out his flashlight, the agent whirled around and turned it on, pointing it at the speaker. Bennu put up his hand to shield his eyes from the sudden brightness. He stayed in the relative shelter of the trees until the flashlight was turned off.

"You came," Preminger said, half unbelieving. He prepared himself for the torrent of words he felt he would need to convince Bennu to help him.

"Yes. It seems our adventures together have linked us closer than I suspected. I could sense you wanted and needed my help." Bennu shrugged, spreading his hands; "Here I am."

"Just like that? No questions? What if I was leading you into a trap?"

"We both know you wouldn't do that -- not now. Your impatience and worry are rolling off you in waves. Shall we get going?"

Shaking his head, Preminger gestured back the way he had come, and led Bennu to his car. Mentally, he sorted through the long list he would have used to persuade Bennu, throwing most of it out now that the other was obviously willing to help. He felt lost -- he had always had to fight for assistance before. Nothing ever came this easily.

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