Monday, August 7, 2017

Off the Bookshelf: HAVAH, by Tosca Lee

The subtitle is: The Story of Eve.

Should say it all, right?
Umm, no!

One-word reaction when I finally finished reading this (after kicking myself for taking so long to get to it?):  WOW.

Beautiful writing. Beautiful imagery. Intense.

But don't read it just for a compelling literary journey. This is the kind of book that keeps you up late, reading past midnight when you're supposed to get up early because you have a long day of physical activity in the July sun ahead of you. Yeah, that intense.

When you think about it, what could be so compelling about a book that covers a story we all know? Or at least, a story we all THINK we know?

That's the genius and the skill and the gift of Tosca Lee. We all know the bare bones of the story of the first people, the Fall, the Curse. All the slanted variations of the story to fit in with different ideologies and trying to place all the blame on one or the other, or even rewriting the truth -- another way of saying we've been lied to. We all know who is at the bottom of every attempt to change what God said, don't we?

No, this puts flesh on the bones, and tears, and joy, and wonder, and innocence and pain and an aching sense of that oneness that was lost, the tragedy of the destroyed Paradise. This makes Eve's story more real, more understandable, and yet doesn't excuse anyone.

Bravo. And again, WOW.

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