Monday, August 28, 2017

Off the Bookshelf: 13 TREASURES, Michelle Harrison

Tanya can see faeries. She has the second sight. She doesn't know why or how.

Problem: the fairies are doggone mean. They cause problems, they do things to her she has to lie about to cover up, because no one else can see the faeries, no one believes in faeries. She's turning into a problem child.

When Tanya's mother can't take it anymore, she ships the problem child off to the country, to the family estate. Florence, Tanya's grandmother, doesn't want her there.

Finding out why Florence doesn't want Tanya around takes until the end of the book. The proud old woman has some pretty awful, painful secrets and fears. Meanwhile, odd things are happening. Fabian, the boy who lives in the house, seems to be both nemesis and ally. Then there's the odd old woman, Mad Morag, who some people say is a witch. And the catacombs where people have gone missing,disappearing altogether. And the mystery of a 14-year-old girl who disappeared 50 years before, who is tangled up in the lives of everyone in the house. Because she's still 14.

There is magic and curses, broken promises and and liars and schemers. When Tanya sets out to help someone who is unfairly accused of a horrible crime, she steps into a trap that has been waiting to close on her since the day she was born. Will she escape? Will she survive?

Do I have to say it? Read the book! It's one of those quiet books that get you tangled and drawn in before you know it. Read it in big chunks. Reading just a chapter at a time won't do.

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