Thursday, August 31, 2017

Book of the Week, ISTORICA, Wildvine Book 2

Wildvine Series
Book 2

From Writers Exchange

“Maybe you have another gift awakening,” Jayra said.

“Huh?” Khyber turned so fast on one heel, she nearly knocked herself off both feet as she stared at her mother. Where had those words come from? If Jayra was had tapped the parent-child bond, Khyber should have felt it.

The kl’resti, Twist-Feather, chuckled and spun like a corkscrew through the air above the picnic grounds in the Logon town park. She shifted through the rainbow three times before coming to rest on the teen girl’s right shoulder. Her butterfly wings folded into her back and she took on the feathery cat features that seemed to be her favorite shape.

“You’ve been restless since we got to the park,” her mother said.

“Don’t frighten her,” her father, Kyle said, coming up to the picnic table with an armload of blankets to put on the ground.

“What’s to be frightened of?” Khyber grinned, immediately relaxing, and shrugged to launch Twist-Feather back into the air. “Being an Istorica is boring.”

“It’s a headache,” he corrected with a grin for his wife. He shuddered in exaggeration and turned to head back to their truck.

“Make up your mind,” Jayra said, sticking her tongue out at him, earning a chuckle from their daughter. “It can’t be boring and frightening.”

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