Monday, July 10, 2017

Off the Bookshelf: NAMELESS, by A.C. Williams

NAMELESS is Book 1 of the Destiny Trilogy.

I recommend you get hold of the free short reads offered by A.C. Williams and Crosshair Press, the publisher (at least, they were free when I got hold of them) to get to know some of the crew and the relationships on the bounty hunter ship, Prodigal, before you read the book.

The title refers to a lost girl named Xander -- and she only has that name because it was on the jacket she was wearing when she was found.

No memory, no identity, no money, no friends. She does have some pretty nasty people out to capture her -- why, no one knows. And considering how powerful and nasty those people are, she's better off not knowing. Her quest brings her in contact with an assortment of people who, for a while at least, make the reader wonder if all of human society is going downhill in the future. Nobody is willing to help, everyone is out for themselves, and quick to jump to the worst conclusions possible about Xander. Even the crew of the Prodigal. Of course, people jump to the wrong conclusions about them, too, because "everyone" knows that bounty hunters are the worst of the worst.

This is a gritty, painful ride of a story, and doggone it, I want to know what happened to the starship Destiny -- where the trilogy gets its name -- and why those nasty people want Xander so badly when, as far as anyone knows, they have the ship. What's going on?

Thanks a lot. The last thing I need (sarcasm here, folks) is yet another series where I need to and must obtain the other books, ASAP -- yeah, and just add to my to-be-read list. Maybe I should just not do any writing for the whole summer, so I can catch up ....

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