Monday, July 3, 2017

Off the Bookshelf: GAMES WIZARDS PLAY, Diane Duane

I LOVE the Young Wizards series by Diane Duane.
Loved it before a certain British wizard showed up.
There is just too long a gap between books.

In GAMES WIZARDS PLAY, a competition has been announced for bright young wizards to bring out their most clever and useful and imaginative spells for judging. It's a competition with an incredible prize: to study with Earth's Planetary -- the wizard in charge of all the wizards on Earth. Pretty big-time stress.

Our three favorite young wizards don't compete -- they have an even more stressful duty, mentoring two of the competitors. They get to go over the spells and help refine them, weed out the possible problems and pitfalls, the gaps, and help with presentation for the judging. And in some cases, help iron out big personal problems for these brilliant young minds. There are several games being played here, and not all are fun.

Some loose threads from previous novels get tied up, the Lone Power tries to stir up the pot again, and Nita and Kit put a few more toes into the troubled waters of adding boyfriend/girlfriend to their wizarding partnership. Great fun to read, along with some wow-worthy explorations of planetary science-from-a-magical-viewpoint. As a writer, you gotta love the world-building woven together here. How does she DO that?

So now the clock starts ticking for the next book. Umm, someone want to loan the author Hermione's time-minder, so she can get it done faster? Please?

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