Saturday, July 8, 2017

GIZMOS, Beauty & the Beast fan fiction

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Four hours later, his head swam from the lectures he had heard. Mouse knew he was smart — he could figure out any gizmo Helpers and Tunnel people brought to him. So why did these lecturers speak a language he couldn't half understand? He would have got up and fled to the display halls, except the girl next to him sat there, listening with that gleam in her eyes that meant she not only understood every word, she enjoyed it. He had to step in front of her to leave and he didn't want to disturb her. Mouse wondered if his head would burst before the break was called.

Now he fled to the exhibit hall. He let his gaze wander over spacecraft models sitting next to DNA diagrams, and tried to put all the odd words and concepts from the lecture into some kind of organized whole in his brain.

"Maybe not so smart," Mouse muttered after he reached the end of the hall and couldn't remember anything. He followed the traffic flow to another room.

His confusion faded as an electronic chorus met his ears. The room was long, narrow, and every square foot of wall space was lined with video games. Mouse wore a delighted grin and he walked up and down the room with slow steps, filling his eyes and ears with mechanical wonders. This was more like it!

A crowd stood around a game at the far end of the hall. Mouse gradually joined the students, pressing his way closer in to see the game. He recognized Robin at the controls, whizzing her way through level fifty-eight of Tempest.

"Another player," a boy standing in front of Mouse grumbled. The game let out a burst of music and spilled lights over the watchers. "That makes five." He gave Robin a disgusted look and walked away. Three followed him. Mouse stepped closer and watched.

He watched until the other onlookers left. Robin didn't pay him any attention. Mouse grew dazed by the geometric puzzles the game threw at her. He winced every time she miscalculated. When she finally lost all her men -- at level eighty-nine -- her score was 60,000 points higher than the posted high.

"How do you do that?" Mouse sighed in admiration.

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