Saturday, July 29, 2017

GIZMOS, Beauty & the Beast fan fiction

Robin smiled as she took in Mouse's chamber, filled with gizmos all sparkling and clicking and whirling and humming. She walked around, her mouth hanging open, eyes sparkling. She didn't give him puzzled, exasperated looks like some people did and she actually understood what he was talking about, when he explained what each gizmo was supposed to do.

"And him?" Robin asked, spotting Arthur sitting among all the spare parts on one table.

"Arthur. Helps me."

"Uh huh." She sank down on a stool and looked around, grinning. "I can't believe this place." She laughed. "You're so lucky, I'm positively green."

"Jealousy -- green-eyed monster." He smiled, glad to be in territory he understood.

"Mmm-hmm. Shakespeare." She rubbed at her eyes.

"No. Vincent," Mouse corrected without thinking. His mind whirled around all the things Mary said a proper host should do when entertaining.


"Need things." Mouse wracked his brains. Robin was his guest, so he had to take good care of her. He decided he needed a girl's help. Jamie would keep Robin a secret if he asked. "You wait here. Gotta get someone. Don't leave?" he nearly pleaded, pausing in the doorway of his chamber.

"Where would I go?" she responded with a chuckle. "Why would I leave, anyway? This
place is fantastic." Her laughter followed Mouse as he hurried down the passageway to Jamie's chambers.

Jamie was skeptical, when Mouse told her. Something in her voice made him think she didn't like Robin -- but that was ridiculous, because Jamie hadn't even met Robin yet. He explained about getting new clothes from a Helper and going Above to attend the symposium, how Robin explained things to him, about Robin's reservation getting lost, and the man waiting in the hotel.

"Gotta help. Friends. Almost as good friends as Jamie and Mouse," he added, voice softer. "Please, Jamie?"

"It sounds like you already did everything." Jamie shrugged. She didn't sound happy -- but she didn't sound upset anymore, either. "What do you need me for?"

"Girls know what girls need. Robin needs friends. You're my best friend. Share."

Mouse couldn't understand why, but those words worked better than all his pleading had before.

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