Saturday, July 15, 2017

GIZMOS, Beauty & the Beast fan fiction

"Do what?" Robin asked, typing her initials into the scoreboard.

"Score so high."

She glanced over her shoulder, smiled at him, and turned around so she leaned back against the game. "If I tell you the secret, promise not to tell anyone else?" Her smile grew wider when Mouse nodded. "Okay. You watch for the patterns of the program. It's all on computer chips, right?"

"Chips?" Mouse muttered, lost. "Oh -- yeah -- chips."

"Computer programs. Once you figure out the pattern, you can predict what's next and avoid getting zapped." She glanced over her shoulder at her score, and shrugged. "At least, predict most of the time. Never said I was perfect."

"Neat. How long?"

"How long for what?"

"Figure the pattern." Mouse wished he had a quarter.

"Three days, and I still don't have it down pat."

"Three days? How many quarters?"

"I cheated. My mother bought the game for me."

"Not cheating."

"Want to try?" She smiled at him, dug in her pocket, and came up with a quarter.

"Can I?" Mouse's face lit up like the game had exploded all over him.

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