Saturday, July 1, 2017

GIZMOS, Beauty & the Beast fan fiction

For July, we have a Beauty & the Beast fan fiction piece I wrote for On Wings of Light, a fanzine devoted to B&B, Starman, and the Phoenix.

Of course, you can read the WHOLE story on Wattpad ...


Mouse blinked as the lights dimmed in the lecture hall. He looked around as a girl settled into the seat next to him on the aisle. A man walked out onto the stage and the hum of talk in the auditorium faded.

"Did I miss anything?" the girl whispered.

"Just somebody saying welcome." Mouse glanced at her. His eyes adjusted enough to read her badge. Robin. He was glad he had borrowed a peel-and-stick label and made his own name badge to match everyone else.

"Great. I'm always late." Laughter touched her voice.

"Me, too." Mouse grinned at her. He grinned more when she leaned forward to read his badge.

"Pleased to meet you, Arthur."

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