Saturday, June 24, 2017

Fan Fiction: FLAME FROM ANOTHER FIRE, Phoenix fan fiction

Now available on Wattpad, a trip very far back in my writing roots in fan fiction: The Phoenix.

FLAME FROM ANOTHER FIRE is another story where I test-drove characters that would someday appear in my own published books.

The knock on the door came a few minutes after the shower stopped running. Frazier smiled at the good timing and got up to answer the door. He dug in his pocket for his wallet, to tip room service, as he opened the door.

"Hello, Doctor," Preminger said, his voice more dry than usual, in contrast to the renewed showers. Two agents with drawn guns stood behind him. "May we come in?" the man said, when Frazier could only stand and stare open-mouthed at him.

"Bennu isn't here." Frazier winced as the bathroom door creaked.

"We know that." He stepped around the doctor and into the cabin. "My men saw him come in, but didn't see him leave -- but what they did see was very interesting."

Frazier felt the blood leave his face. Someone saw Rhea start the fire.

"Rhea," he called, trying to keep his voice steady. "We have company." Frazier managed a grin when Preminger's eyes blazed with anger.

"What's going --" Rhea stepped out of the bathroom. She had toweled her hair dry and was barefoot, dressed in threadbare, gray sweats. "Who are you?"

"Agent Justin Preminger." He smiled, a hungry look. "I'm very pleased to meet you -- Mira."

"Who?" She met Frazier's eyes, then looked over the three agents again. "My name is Rhea, not Mira."

"Giving her an alias was a good try." Preminger drew his gun out of his coat. "Why don't we just forget the charades and get going?"

"The heck I will." Rhea backed up a step and pivoted on one leg for a roundhouse kick to the agent who leaped at her. She dodged and rolled out of the grasp of the other man and managed to swing an arm around and punch Preminger in the back, just above his kidneys.

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