Saturday, June 17, 2017

Fan Fiction: FLAME FROM ANOTHER FIRE, Phoenix fan fiction

Now available on Wattpad, a trip very far back in my writing roots in fan fiction: The Phoenix.

FLAME FROM ANOTHER FIRE is another story where I test-drove characters that would someday appear in my own published books.

Frazier returned with an odd feeling of warning traveling up his back. He moved quietly and paused in the doorway. The stranger knelt in front of the fireplace and pressed both hands against the logs waiting for a match. She frowned, her lips thinning into a line.

The logs burst into flames with a muffled thump -- echoed by the heavy, cold jolt of Frazier's heart.

Anna burst out in delighted laughter and nearly fell from her chair in her hurry to get closer to the flames. Rainbows flickered around her fingers, reflected in the sparks from the fire. The young woman caught her by her arms and gently pushed her back into the seat.

"Remember what I told you already? We can't let people see we're special."

Anna chuckled and looked at her hands, where the rainbows still danced. She wiggled her fingers and the colors vanished.

"That's good." The stranger sat back on the hearth and wiped damp strands of hair out of her face. Suddenly, all her energy left and she looked too pale and thin to sit up by herself. A wave of pity washed over Frazier. He understood her situation, knew the strain she felt.

"You're safe here," Frazier said softly, coming into the room the rest of the way.

"I'm not sure I know what you mean." She stood and reached for her discarded coat.

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