Saturday, June 10, 2017

Fan Fiction: FLAME FROM ANOTHER FIRE, Phoenix fan fiction

Now available on Wattpad, a trip very far back in my writing roots in fan fiction: The Phoenix.

FLAME FROM ANOTHER FIRE is another story where I test-drove characters that would someday appear in my own published books.

Dr. Frazier leaned against the window frame and looked out at the thundering downpour. The other conference attendees milled around the lobby behind him, complaining about the weather, trying to borrow umbrellas, or settling down to read or play cards. He didn't mind the storm, actually. He rather enjoyed the noise and crowds, the protective wall of people around him. The storm meant some discomfort or inconvenience for Preminger, whom Frazier had seen across the conference hall two nights before. Maybe the agent would help search for the missing child and get lost.

The main doors banged open as more refugees fled the storm. Frazier looked up and froze at the sight of Bennu helping a little girl across the lobby. Both were dripping, their faces red from the cold lash of the rain. Bennu helped the child into the unoccupied fireplace room and Frazier followed. He knew his face had lost its color and he likely moved like an automaton.

"Stay right here," Bennu said, helping the child into a chair. "I'll get some blankets and -- hello, Ward."

"Hello, Bennu," Frazier said softly.

Bennu turned around and his smile flashed, bright and warm. "I'd like to stay and talk but --"

"Preminger was here two days ago. I don't know if he's still here."

"Take care of Anna for me?"

"You can count on it." Frazier clasped hands with Bennu. Half a moment later, the other man slipped through the door and vanished into the rain.

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