Saturday, June 3, 2017

Fan Fiction: FLAME FROM ANOTHER FIRE, Phoenix fan fiction

Now available on Wattpad, a trip very far back in my writing roots in fan fiction: The Phoenix.

You know fandom is really, really strong when there were dozens of fanzines based on a TV show that only have 1 pilot movie and 4 episodes.

FLAME FROM ANOTHER FIRE is another story where I test-drove characters that would someday appear in my own published books.


Bennu stopped to indulge in a few hours of quiet thought in a clearing on a forested mountainside, despite his longing to hurry back to Satra and Heru. The morning sun shattered into prisms on the heavy dew, creating a garden of rainbows. Like a favorite childhood spot back home. He found a dry spot and sat, closing his eyes and drinking in the peace and overflowing life energy.

He sensed the mind close by after only a few minutes. A girl-child. Bennu felt her silent laughter as she walked barefoot through the dew, kicking up drops and watching them sparkle. He smiled and let the song of her soul join the life music soothing his mind.

Bennu drifted until a gust of cold, damp wind made him open his eyes. Gray storm clouds moved across the sun. Another spring storm, it would attack and pass quickly.

"All the colors are gone," a soft voice said from the far side of the clearing. She was Amer-Asian, six years old, delicate as a fairy. Her name came to him with a soft touch on her mind -- Anna.

"A storm is coming. Can I help you get home?" He stood and gathered up his bag. Another gust made
him shiver.

She tilted her head back to look up at Bennu. A delighted sparkle lit her eyes. "You can do it too." Anna held out her hands to a dying beam of sunlight. It shifted, warping into rainbows around her fingers. Anna giggled. "I can make pictures, but this is prettier."

"Very pretty." Bennu touched her mind, seeing the parents who had brought her on vacation. Deeper, he saw the beginning of her talent less than a year ago. Anna had looked at her night light and wished she could make the light grow. It had twisted away from its straight path and did whatever she imagined. No one believed her stories, and Anna learned to keep her toy to herself. "It's going to rain any --" He stopped as a fat drop hit the bridge of his nose. "Any second now. Which way home?"

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