Thursday, June 29, 2017


The Central Allied Worlds
Fifth generation since gaining spaceflight
Colony world Paskal
Third colonization ring

            Kerin watched the visitors coming down the long hallway by way of the monitor strips in the ceiling. Not that she paid much attention with all the work she had to do in the growth lab today, but enough to feel annoyance at the intrusion of the military into her family’s sanctuary. Why did they have to arrive now, when the bio-crystal had started showing signs of reacting beyond her father’s hopes or projections? Maybe there were spies, despite her brothers’ best anti-spy ‘bot devices. Maybe, just like the rumors said, the authorities would confiscate every new development once crucial progress had been made, and hand them off to more loyal -- meaning more easily controlled and intimidated -- researchers?

            “They’re perfectly balanced between organic and mineral, neutrally charged and programmable to adapt to any tissue needs. The more advanced we become in our control of the growth process, the more delicately we can guide the uses of these crystals.” Pride filled Dr. Nicorazon’s voice as he lectured on his brainchild.

            He gave the same lecture every quar when the military or other government representatives showed up. He gave the lecture whether the various officer and officials had returned, or there was someone new. There was no guarantee anyone would bother to remember what they had been taught the last time they intruded on the Nicorazon-Leto family’s research, and every chance that someone would use the slightest change as justification for cancelling their funding, their research licenses, confiscate all their work, and other major and minor punishments.

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